Collect a customer receivable early directly in Qonto

Collect your customer receivable early using Qonto internal transfers

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🧠 How does it work?

To set up the internal bank transfer required for this process, you must already have the funds in your account.

1/ Open a sub-account on your Qonto account for your Defacto receivables

Once your credit line has been activated, you need to open a sub-account within your Qonto account (only needs to be done once).

Name it "Defacto x Your company name"

2 / Start your first financing request

If you want to finance a customer receivable, go to "Transfers", click the "+ Make a transfer" button and select "Internal transfer in euros".

Then, make a transfer from your main account to the newly created account "Defacto x Your company name".

⚠ Enter the keyword "defacto" in the "Reference" field

For example:

  • “defacto my-reference-12345”

  • “my-reference-12345 defacto”

  • “DEFACTO my-reference-12345”

  • “my-reference-12345 DEFACTO”

  • “Defacto my-reference-12345”

  • “dEFacto my-reference-12345”

⚠️ ATTENTION: the reference must not exceed 35 characters (due to technical constraints of SEPA transfers)

Defacto will send the funds to your main account within 3 business days.

The default length of a loan is 30 days. Please contact us if you would like to extend it.

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