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How to add or modify the buyer or seller details?
How to add or modify the buyer or seller details?

If there's an error or you wish to change the buyer or seller details, follow these steps.

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The "Client information" and "Supplier information" fields on the invoice upload form are reserved for B2B companies, both the buyer and the seller must have a business identifier (VAT number, SIREN, NIF, etc).

If our PDF reader (OCR) didn't correctly read the counterparty details details from the invoice you uploaded, you will have to override the information manually:

  • Counterpart name

  • Country

  • Business identifier

  • Business identifier type (SIREN / SIRET etc)

To avoid any input errors, we recommend that you copy and paste the company information directly from:

  • Informations are prefilled if detected by OCR

  • You can add a counterparty if needed

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