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I want to finance and pay a supplier invoice
I want to finance and pay a supplier invoice

With Defacto, you can finance and pay accounts payable in just 4 easy steps

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As a reminder, a supplier invoice is an invoice issued by your supplier that you have to pay: you can finance them with Defacto in order to pay your supplier on the due date, and you repay us later (in one instalment only). Please note that this is not refinancing, so you must not have already paid the invoice.

1/ Upload the accounts payable invoice

  • After logging into the web application here:, click on the "New loan" button from the Invoices or Loans tabs.

  • Select "Supplier Invoice"

  • Drag and drop or upload the invoice you wish to finance

2/ Verify the invoice information

Once you have uploaded the invoice, double click on it to check the following information:

  • Amounts: net, tax and total amount

  • Creation date

  • Due date

  • Supplier Information: your supplier accounts payable. If the OCR does not recognise the information, you can simply create a new counterparty by adding your business identifier (SIREN, NIF, CIF).

3/ Request a loan

You are now ready to submit your loan, click on Request a loan:

Set-up the main details of the loan request:

  • Loan amount: Choose the amount you wish to finance, you can choose up to 100% of the invoice amount

  • Repayment date: the date you wish to repay the loan.

Choose where to send the funds:

  • we offer you the choice to either directly send the funds to your supplier or to yourself.

    • Please note that for the option to pay your supplier to be available we need the IBAN in the invoice, without the IBAN in the invoice only the possibility to send funds to your account is available

Choose your options:

  • Notify the supplier: if you enter an email address here, we will send a notification of bank transfer to your supplier

  • Schedule payment: the date you want the payment to start. This can be today(by default) or in the future.

  • Reference: you can customise the transfer reference. Please note that SEPA transfers cannot have more than 35 characters.

4/ Validate loan

Almost there! You can now review the request one more time before validating and clicking on "validate loan".

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