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I want to finance my B2B accounts receivable
I want to finance my B2B accounts receivable

4 steps to understanding how to submit and finance a receivable

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As a reminder, a B2B customer receivable is an invoice that you have issued to your customers: you can finance yourself the sum of your customers' unpaid invoices so that you don't have a cash flow gap (while waiting for them to pay you back).

📝 Defacto only accepts accounts receivable where the counterparty is a business with a business identifier. Any request for an invoice with a private individual will be refused.

1/ Upload the accounts receivable invoice

  • After logging into the web application here:, click on the "New loan" button from the Invoices or Loans tabs.

  • Select "Collect a customer invoice now"

  • Drag and drop or upload the invoice you wish to finance

2/ Verify the invoice information

Once you have uploaded the invoice, double click on it to check the following information:

  • Amounts: net, tax and total amount

  • Creation date

  • Due date

  • Client: your customer in the case of an accounts receivable. If the OCR does not recognise the information, you can simply create a new counterparty by adding the client's business identifier (SIREN, NIF, CIF).

3/ Request a loan

You are now ready to submit your loan, click on Request a loan:

Set up the main details of your loan request

  • Loan amount: Choose the amount you wish to finance, you can choose up to 100% of the invoice amount

  • Repay on: the date you wish to repay the loan

Set up your option:

  • Schedule payment: the date you want the payment to start. This can be today or in the future

4/ Validate loan

Almost there! You can now review the request one more time before validating and clicking on "validate loan".

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