Monitor payments and repayments for loans requested via Qonto transfers

Confirmation, payment and repayment of Qonto x Defacto financing

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Check financing details

  • Once the bank transfer has been validated, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • If your loan request is validated, you will receive the funds in approximately 1 to 3 business days

  • The loan amount is the same as the amount of your transfer e.g.: You make a transfer of €200 to Qonto, Defacto sends you €200

If unfortunately the loan request is refused, you will also receive an email with the reason why it was refused.

Change the repayment date

By default, loans requested directly through the Qonto interface have a 30 day payment term. If you need to change the default loan duration, please contact us before requesting your first loan.

To change the repayment date, there are 2 options:

  1. Pay earlier

    1. select the loan you wish to modify in the "Loans" tab

    2. change the date in the "Repayment date" field

  2. Push back the loan direct debit

    1. Make a request using the form on this page

      Please be aware that this will impact your Defacto credit score and financing capacity.

Automatic repayment by Direct Debit

On the predefined repayment date, Defacto will make a direct debit from your Qonto account. The reference of this direct debit will be identical to the reference of the transfer.


At the beginning of the next month (N+1), Defacto will debit the fees for all the loans repaid during the month (N). You will receive an invoice by email with details of each loan.

e.g.: on July 1st Defacto will charge fees for all loans repaid in June

Diagram: flow of funds

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