Set up a deferred bank transfer on Qonto to pay your suppliers

Supplier payment using a deferred external transfer

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🧠 How does it work?

To be able to initiate a loan request directly through Qonto to pay your international suppliers, you have to request it to the Defacto team through the chat.

Once the activation of this feature is done on your account, Defacto detects a loan request with the keyword "defacto" identified in the transfer reference.

Once the request is validated, Defacto initiates a payment to your Qonto account. The funds will reach your account within 3 business days.

💡 If you want to receive your funding first before paying your supplier, you can simply schedule the external transfer for in 3 days.

Start your first financing request

If you want to finance a supplier invoice, go to "Transfers", click the "+ Make a transfer" button and select "External transfer in euros".

⚠ Enter the keyword "defacto" in the "Reference" field

For example:

  • “defacto my-reference-12345”

  • “my-reference-12345 defacto”

  • “DEFACTO my-reference-12345”

  • “my-reference-12345 DEFACTO”

  • “Defacto my-reference-12345”

  • “dEFacto my-reference-12345”

⚠️ ATTENTION: the reference must not exceed 35 characters (due to technical constraints of SEPA transfers)

💡The reference displayed on your Qonto account will be the reference entered, without the keyword "Defacto": e.g. "defacto my-reference-12345" becomes "my reference-12345".

The default length of a loan is 30 days. Please contact us if you would like to extend it.

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