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How do I repay Defacto?

Find out how to repay your Defacto loans earlier or in unforeseen circumstances

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💡 Please note that loans are repaid in one lump sum on the date chosen during the loan request and cannot be repaid in instalments.

Repayment method

By default, you will repay Defacto by direct debit for the repayment of your loans and Defacto invoices.

Defacto will initiate the direct debit two working days before the due date so that the amount due is debited directly from your bank account on the due date. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account 2 working days before the scheduled debit date.

We will remind you of all upcoming repayments a week before.

Where can I find my repayment details?

You can check which repayment method is set up for your account at any time:

  • For your loan repayment in the tab Repayment after clicking on a loan in the table listing all your loans

  • For your fees related to Defacto billing in your settings under Payment Method


You can choose the new early repayment date directly from your account.

When you see the notification "debit in progress" or the Nominal Repayment payment is noted as "initiated" or "in progress" in the Payments tab, the repayment is in progress and can no longer be changed.


It is not possible to change the due date of the loan but, under certain conditions, we can postpone the direct debit date. Any loan repaid after the due date is considered late.

After a failed Direct Debit

If our first Direct Debit failed, we do not reprogram another one.

Please repay by bank transfer as soon as possible to avoid any late payment consequences.

You can find Defacto's IBAN in the Repayment tab of the loan you wish to repay, or using the Repay now button and choosing "Pay by bank transfer".

Where can I find my repayment details?

You will find Defacto's IBAN and BIC in the Repayment tab after clicking on the loan in the table listing all your loans:

You will find the repayment reference in the loan details of your loan:

ℹ️ If this page still shows "Direct Debit", please contact us on the chat to obtain the repayment IBAN associated with your account.

In instalments

Unfortunately, it is not possible to repay in instalments. All loans must be repaid in a single payment on the due date.


Interest is not debited when you repay your loan; it is debited by Direct Debit monthly after your invoice is issued.

If you repay us both the loan nominal and the fees at the same time, unfortunately we will have to return the payment of the fees and direct debit them after our invoice is issued.

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