What are the different invoice statuses?

Find out what actions are required for each of the invoice statuses

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Simply visit the 'Invoices' tab of our web app to review the status of your uploaded invoices.



Dashboard Users
Possible action

API Users
Possible action

To submit

The invoice has been uploaded into our system but a loan has not yet been requested.

✅ You must verify the information auto-completed by our PDF reader and correct if necessary before clicking on 'Request a loan'.

You can also delete the invoice if you no longer wish to finance it.


The invoice information has been verified and a loan request has been made but not yet validated.

This will be the final visible status in the dashboard after the loan has been validated.

✅ You must validate the loan.

If a loan request has not been validated, you can still delete the invoice.

✅ If the invoice is verified but no loan has been created, the loan request has been refused.

Please check the API error and/or check the buyer and seller eligibility.


The invoice has been deleted because:
1. it was manually deleted via the web app before a loan was generated

2. for API clients, the loan was refused and the invoice was automatically deleted.

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