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What type of invoice can I upload on Defacto's interface?
What type of invoice can I upload on Defacto's interface?

Invoices eligible for funding must meet certain criteria

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Find below our eligible invoice criteria to submit your loan requests.

1/ Issued invoices

We only accept issued invoices, not quotations.

2/ Invoices between two companies

Defacto is a short-term financing solution dedicated to companies, and therefore we can only finance B2B invoices, where both invoice counterparts are businesses.

If one of the parties is a private individual or an association, Defacto cannot accept the invoice.

3/ Invoices less than 3 months old

In order to take full advantage of Defacto's services, the invoices submitted for financing should preferably be unpaid.

In the event that you have to pay your supplier immediately when ordering, you can upload an invoice that is less than 3 months old.

4/ Invoices linked to the company's activity

As Defacto is a financing solution for working capital requirements, we finance invoices linked to a company's activity (stocks, customer receivables, supplier debts). We cannot finance so-called "administrative" invoices, such as rent, energy bills, taxes etc.

5/ Invoices in euros (€) in our accepted countries

We only support invoices for companies in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands (in €) on our interface. If you regularly have invoices from international customers or suppliers, please contact us.

Defacto reserves the right to refuse any invoice that does not meet our financing criteria.

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