Can I repay earlier?

Find out how to pay back your loan earlier than planned

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To give you maximum flexibility in managing your cash flow, you can repay early at no extra cost.

There are two ways to bring your repayment date forward on your dashboard:

  1. to repay as quickly as possible follow repay now

  2. to bring the date forward, but not necessarily to today follow bring repayment date forward

☝️ If the original direct debit is in progress, it is too late to change the date. Our banking partner requires 3 working days for any direct debit change.

Repay now

If you want to pay off your loan quickly:

  1. From the table of loans, hover your mouse over the loan you wish to repay

  2. Click on Repay now

  3. You can choose whether:

    1. Defacto debits you on the earliest possible date (three days later)

      We will cancel the original direct debit and create a new one for the date shown, normally within 3 working days.

    2. you make a bank transfer to us today

      We will cancel the original direct debit.

      You can copy and paste our bank details to make your transfer before confirming. Make sure to use the transfer reference!

If the option is not displayed and you see "debit in progress", this means that the original direct debit is already working its magic. Please wait, repayment is imminent!

Bring repayment date forward

If you wish to bring forward the repayment date, but not necessarily to today:

  1. Click on the loan you wish to repay in the dashboard

  2. In the Loan tab, click on repayment date to choose the new repayment date and then just click on save edits at the top

The repayment is scheduled for the chosen date 🎉

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