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Understand your invoice and fees

This article explains Defacto's billing and fees

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⚠️ The timing and frequency of the billing changed for loans taken after the 01.05.24. Please refer to this article for more information!

Defacto billing

You can find the invoices for your loan interest fees in the "Billing" tab of your customer account. From this page, you can view a list of all your invoices and download them.

Our fees explained

When you take out a loan with us, we will charge you 'interest', which is not subject to VAT.

For greater flexibility, Defacto applies a daily interest rate of 0.05% on the loan amount in a "pay what you use" model, so once a loan is repaid, the interest stops accruing.

This interest is calculated on the basis of the amount borrowed and the number of days of the loan:

Interest = Daily interest rate x Amount borrowed x Number of days borrowed

💡 If you wish to finance a supplier invoice or receivable of €500 over 30 days, the price is 0.05%*30*500= €7.5 (or alternatively 0.0005*30*500).

Your invoice explained

We send you an invoice at the beginning of the month which aggregates all the fees for loans repaid during the previous month.

In the invoice you will see:

Total excluding VAT = Interest + Service charge (€0)

The invoice is due on receipt and is paid by direct debit.

To understand more about our fees:

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