How to submit your first loan?

Steps to submit your first invoice and request your first loan

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Following your onboarding, you now have access to capital either to pay your supplier invoices or to advance your receivables.

To check your financing capacity, go to the Loans tab.

Here are the steps to follow to submit your first invoice and request your first loan:

1/ Upload your invoice

  • From the Invoices or Loans tabs, click on New loan button

  • Select your financing type: supplier invoice or customer receivable

  • Use our drag & drop function to submit your first invoice and then click on the invoice

  • Check the invoice information read by the OCR, notably:

    • Issue and due date

    • Buyer and seller

  • IBAN to which the transfer should be made

    • If you wish to collect customer receivables, you are the seller

    • If you wish to pay your supplier invoices with credit, you are the buyer

2/ Request a loan

  • Once the elements have been checked and/or modified, click on request a loan and a new page will open

  • Select the date on which you want the payment to be issued (the start date of the loan) and the repayment date

    • You also have the possibility to personalise your references and to add the beneficiary's email address in order to notify them

    • Note that you cannot postpone the date of your repayment

  • Then you can validate the loan (twice!) and all is good!

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